Javier Miguélez

Corporate and Logistics Consultant

About me

Born in Spain, I received my degree in Industrial Engineering after studying at Universidad de León (Spain), Università degli Studi di Perugia (Italy) and Harvey Mudd College (California, U.S.A.). Besides Spanish, I am fluent in English, German and Italian.

I developed a large part of my professional experience at ASTI Mobile Robotics (European leader in mobile robotics) as Business Development Engineer. After three years in that company I was in charge for Business Development Engineering there.

At present, and thanks to the experience gained, I am an independent consultant: I accompany my clients in their corporate growth and help them to be more efficient in their internal logistics.

Corporate Growth Consultancy

Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right”.

In most cases, growth involves the following points:

· Definition of Strategy and Tactics: what strategy is, with the company objectives in mind, as well as cascading tactics associated to that strategy.

· Merging and Acquisition of Companies (M&A): searching for companies and their technical-financial analysis.

· Commerce and Marketing: new channels, new sectors, new products and services, new markets and new financial model.

Efficient Intralogistics Consultancy

In the years 2000-2010 Industry was focused on automating production processes as much as possible and in the years 2010-2020 purchasing departments have been the centre of attention. No doubt, the 2020-2030 decade is going to be the period of logistics in general, and particularly internal logistics.

For this new challenge, the main characters of internal logistics will be:

· The automation and optimization of internal logistics by means of conveyors, robots, AGVs, automated warehouses, computer systems, auto loading/unloading truck systems, pick to voice and pick to light systems, servohosts and exoskeletons.

· The effectiveness and simplification of logistic flows and the layout of production plants and warehouses.

· The synergies between production and logistics.