Why do I propose an AGV Consultancy?

  1. Because carrying out a project with automated vehicles has nothing to do with using manual vehicles. A manual vehicle (a forklift) is just a product; an AGV project is not only the AGV itself, but also a computer system and interaction with its environment.

  2. Because using AGVs requires a change of mindset: obstacles in the path, constant flows...

  3. Because each application in each sector needs a type of AGV out of the many existing ones. Besides, each type of AGV, application and sector may require very different suppliers.

What does this AGV consultancy consist of?

The AGV consultancy I propose is based mainly on three steps:

  • Step 1: Define if the AGV automation is technically and economically feasible

  • Step 2: Make the existing manual logistic flows as efficient as possible with the aim of not automating inefficiency.

  • Step 3: Design of the automation by choosing the right type of AGV and the definition of the interface with IT and control systems, as well as the potential suppliers for the chosen solution.

What are AGVs?

AGV stands for Automated Guided Vehicle. An AGV is a vehicle used in various sectors (Industry, logistics, hospitals, etc.) for the carriage of goods (never persons). The main characteristic of an AGV is that it does not need a driver, that is, it moves by itsef. Just to give a simple approach: an AGV can perfectly be a forklift which moves without a driver. Then, an AGV… is it a robot? It is: AGVs are part of the robot family.

Even though AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles) are not a recent invention (the first ones go back to the 1950s), it is true that the AGV solutions have been considerably developed over the last decade.


  • AGV: Automated Guided Vehicle

  • AGC: Automated Guided Cart. AGC usually refers to mouse AGVs.

  • RGV: Rail Guided Vehicle. A kind of AGV that follows rails instead of using magnetic or optic Guidance.

  • LGV: Laser Guided Vehicle. A kind of AGV with laser navigation.

  • AMR: Autonomous Mobile Robot. AMR refers to vehicles with greater intelligence and a more developed navigation system than the usual AGVs that perform very simple and repetitive tasks. I personally do not make any difference, that is, for me AMR and AGV are synonymous.

  • AIV: Autonomous Intelligent Vehicle. Same as AMR.